2 wreaths

I’ve grown fond of drawing wreaths.

When I draw foliage and other leafy things, I’m forced to attend not only to the positive light space, but to the dark shadow-parts in between. My eye endlessly enjoys all of the little intermingling darks and lights which the technical pen can make.

Here are two cards from last Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. ūüôā

wreath 1

wreath 2

Holiday Horse

Hi again!¬† It is nice to be back in the blogosphere after an over-month-long hiatus.¬† I¬†can’t wait to catch up with what I’ve missed.

An overseas move to the U.S. + holidays in Canada + another move within Chicago (in the snow and up 4 flights of stairs, no less!) = not being as creatively productive as I would have liked in these past few weeks.¬† January, however, is the month of making (and keeping) resolutions. Top of my list: becoming more aware of how I spend my time, and giving regular attention to what I like to call the ‘drawing tree’¬† ūüôā¬† I’m learning that my ability to be productive results from carefully ‘stewarding’ the thing that allows the drawings to happen–tending¬†to something complex, dynamic¬†and living that can wilt or flourish¬†depending on the conditions.

For people who also like to make things: What do you like to call this thing? Do you have a name for it, or an image that conveys the process?  And what things do you do regularly to keep your creativity-tap running?

Speaking of trees and other twiggy things, I thought I’d share some of the holiday greetings I drew over the next few days.¬† This¬†watercolor wreath was made for a certain little girl¬†in love with¬†horses.¬† More to come.

horse wreath 1