Film… and stuff

site angel 1

Just a pink ink portrait of a fellow, taken from a film still.  In the shot, the character in question is standing beside Serge Gainsbourg.  The name of the film escapes me.

This is perhaps why I decided to turn the fellow into a film nerd.  He would never have forgotten the name of the film. I imagine he may be like the friend you might already have—the one who embodies all IMDB-knowledge.  When you ask him or her if they liked the movie that you just saw together, they might say “I did and I didn’t.”  They collect Bergman biographies and musty-smelling film theory paperbacks.  You gave him/her something from the Criterion Collection for their birthday.  They endlessly tease you for your squeamish refusal to watch Oldboy, but they know your taste in movies to a T and are ever-ready to interrupt their Netflix queue for you because you haven’t yet seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.  Such is the discerning and judicious love of the film nerd friend…

Two faces


Two faces today.  I got the idea for the second while perusing a pair of jeans at a thrift shop.  “Dear Darlin” started playing in the background and, finding myself more and more susceptible to pop music of late, I went home to google the singer…  Maybe this is a sign of age, but my musical immune system isn’t what it was during my critical and selective youth.  These days, music comes in through the ears–while doing groceries, or walking down the street, or in a cafe–and tends to stay where it ends up, looping through my head at the strangest moments.

The first face was an exercise in feathering–a technique common to comics for making gradations from dark to light.  Any tips and tricks out there on how to actually feather with a brush?  I’ve been practicing for many months, and am beginning to think that the manual dexterity required to do it is beyond human.

Materials-wise, lots of ink under ink here.  I discovered that mixing my green with my red  produced… purpleDoes this not defy the long-standing principles of colour theory?  Oh, the strange and secret properties of ink and it’s magical chemistry…

Once upon a picture day…

Dad portrait 1

…in a Hong Kong elementary school…

When I came to Switzerland, I took some photos of my parents with me.  This one is among my favourite photographs of my father—taken when he must have been roughly 13.  I imagine  him sitting for the picture under a reflective umbrella in a stuffy gymnasium full of excited and chatty children, all wearing their pressed 1960s school uniforms.  In the photograph, like in this pencil + ink portrait, he is looking slightly away and off to the side.  I imagine a goofy classmate standing in the picture-taking queue making silly faces, and I interpret this side-long glance as my father’s best attempt at holding a pokerface.  This photograph is also perhaps the first time (never to be repeated?) I have seen him wearing a skinny tie.

Just some reflections for  the back-to-school season.  Happy September, kids!