Film… and stuff

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Just a pink ink portrait of a fellow, taken from a film still.  In the shot, the character in question is standing beside Serge Gainsbourg.  The name of the film escapes me.

This is perhaps why I decided to turn the fellow into a film nerd.  He would never have forgotten the name of the film. I imagine he may be like the friend you might already have—the one who embodies all IMDB-knowledge.  When you ask him or her if they liked the movie that you just saw together, they might say “I did and I didn’t.”  They collect Bergman biographies and musty-smelling film theory paperbacks.  You gave him/her something from the Criterion Collection for their birthday.  They endlessly tease you for your squeamish refusal to watch Oldboy, but they know your taste in movies to a T and are ever-ready to interrupt their Netflix queue for you because you haven’t yet seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.  Such is the discerning and judicious love of the film nerd friend…