Not so dynamic duo


This was a little exercise in inking with as minimal penciling in as possible, which feels like doing trapeze art without a net (fun!), minus the real danger.  This is perhaps also a reminder from my subconscious that adequate sun-protection ought to be a concern among monks and lay-persons alike.

All in all, I think these two have seen better days.

My gal Groucho


Just a little inky doodle today.  Was liking this character’s androgyny, so I decided to run with it and invent a group of Saturnian gender-ambiguous beings (with slight myopia).

This particular person happens to be stuck on planet Earth, and has melancholy dreams of going back home, to a place where stubble and lustrous Zooey Deschanel fringes go hand in hand.  One can dream, can’t they?

You will also notice that they are a group of beings for which Groucho Marx is no laughing matter.