Holiday paper craft, pt. 2: Cards

Season’s Greetings, all! And it is Christmas Eve; the time has really flown.

With the extra hours spent at home, I was able to enjoy making some Christmas cards this year, and thought to share a few of them. The cards came together in a quick combo of marker pens, fineliner, and colour pencils. For some reason, I seem to have really enjoyed drawing pine needles this year (I have since been sketching pine needle-things on my journal and calendar).

click images for gallery view

There were other cards in the mix, but those were sent out before I had the chance to do some scanning. 🙂

Ok. Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays — and hoping the rest of your week is full of candle-light, comfort and creativity! Until then. 🎄

Happy Holidays!

It looks like Christmas is just around the corner. This one really crept up on me (it always does, but I’m usually a little better prepared!). We are leaving today to spend the weekend south of Chicago with A’s relatives. I’m, of course, bringing my latest work-in-progress with me – a purple cartridge belt ribbed scarf for my friend, R.J. Yep. Still working on it (but past the halfway point now). I’m looking forward to catching up with A’s family and getting some more rows on that scarf.

In the meantime,
panda card1 edit 4.jpg

Whatever your plans, Knitting Panda and I hope that the next days find you warm, stuffed with treats, and in the presence of your very nearest and dearest.

Season’s Greetings and Merry Christmas!character-8


P.S.: I am working on a little backstory post about ‘Knitting Panda’ in the coming days. Stay tuned, and stay warm!


2 wreaths

I’ve grown fond of drawing wreaths.

When I draw foliage and other leafy things, I’m forced to attend not only to the positive light space, but to the dark shadow-parts in between. My eye endlessly enjoys all of the little intermingling darks and lights which the technical pen can make.

Here are two cards from last Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. 🙂

wreath 1

wreath 2