Holiday paper craft, pt. 2: Cards

Season’s Greetings, all! And it is Christmas Eve; the time has really flown.

With the extra hours spent at home, I was able to enjoy making some Christmas cards this year, and thought to share a few of them. The cards came together in a quick combo of marker pens, fineliner, and colour pencils. For some reason, I seem to have really enjoyed drawing pine needles this year (I have since been sketching pine needle-things on my journal and calendar).

click images for gallery view

There were other cards in the mix, but those were sent out before I had the chance to do some scanning. 🙂

Ok. Wishing you and yours a Happy Holidays — and hoping the rest of your week is full of candle-light, comfort and creativity! Until then. 🎄

Holiday paper craft, pt. 1: Notebooks

Witness messy desk in action. Holidays are always a great time of year for messy desk! I’ve tried to beautify messy desk for you, here. At its height, there are things of all kinds flying around — lists under pencils under ribbon under yarn. And that is how I like it — a sign that things are happening.

Recently, I’ve started making a few little handmade notebooks. I’m not sure why. But I love the idea of putting pages together (“binding”), then giving them a colourful cover. The books are tiny — small enough to fit in a hand or a purse, and perfect for jotting down wayward, passing, and therefore precious things. I simply use spare printer paper, cut it to size, add a cardstock cover, then fold and staple it all in the center. I apply a bit of masking tape to the spine to reinforce things and add a handsome blue edge.

Then my favourite part: designing a notebook cover. After doodling, I settled on these flowers using colour pencils. I never tire of the colours which, together, make me feel a little lighter — the drawing showcases flowers and colours at their most comedic, I think. So, a few notebooks and a card later…

Other than these notebooks, I have otherwise been busy making cards, cards, cards. I’ll look forward to a post on those soon. Until next time, happy making to you!

Earth laughs in flowers.

Ralph Waldo Emerson