New mittens

Hello, crafters. How are your projects going? Christmas has come early for me – my Sydänmaa mittens are done and have been getting lots of wear.

Sydanmaa FOs

In my previous post, I was expressing some anxiety at having to work what I often feel is the least fun part of mittens: picking up stitches around thumbs. For a while, the unfinished mitts languished on my WIP pile, the gaping unworked thumbs staring back at me like conduits to an endless void. I’m learning that things like this constitute the veritable black-holes of crafting: procrastinating provides momentary relief, but unfinished business has a tendency to hijack new projects. In the end, necessity won (it’s cold here!). I unpacked my DPNs and made a very modest beginning. Continue reading “New mittens”

Sydänmaa Mittens and my Achilles’ Thumb

I feel so close (but still so far away!) from finishing my pair of Sydänmaa mittens, by Hanna Leväniemi.

Mittens have a very special place in my heart. When I first learned to knit, I decided mittens would be a great project to tackle. After experiencing the delight of making my very first pair for myself (one blue mitt with a red stripe and one red mitt with a blue stripe), I made similar “mismatched” mitts for all of my high school friends in a kind of mitten-making trance. Mittens were my introduction to knitting garments for others (and to knitting en masse).

syndanmaa mittens.jpg
Thumbless and pre-blocked.

I love that this pattern has helped me to improve my cable game; after working row after row of cables, I finally have a sense of what it does to hold stitches in the back or front of the work. I also followed the sage advice of the ever helpful and knitting-savvy Helen of Crawcrafts Beasties, and reproduced my cable ‘mistake’ on the second mitt. Running with mistakes, I’m learning, is OK! (though, running with scissors is not).

As you can see, however, I’ve worked the entire pair except the thumbs. In fact, I have a clear Achilles Thumb, when it comes to mitten-making: picking up stitches. In past projects, my stitch pick-up work (especially around thumbs) has always left stitch-counts that diverge from the pattern, and the ‘collateral damage’ of gaping holes that need mending. To me, picking up stitches (like seaming) is still the murkier and more ambiguous side of knitting — the skill that requires a more intimate knowledge of the architecture of hand-knit-fabric. I’m welcoming working those thumbs this week as a learning opportunity. For this reason, I’ve saved the hardest task for last. Wish me luck!

I have been so dazzled, by the way, by all of your holiday projects, productivity, and prolific making, crafters! Bravo, and Keep going!

What are you working on this week?