A few new things

How are you, crafters and creatives?

Blog reno is going well and I think I’m done tinkering with it for this little while. I reined in my zeal to change everything, kept most things, and introduced a few little things.

In addition to having a new domain name, the site also has a new header (and a logo!). New photo for me, too (with a new project in tow).

blanket knitting circle.jpg

Sifting through a year’s worth of posts, I lamented the fact that some of my favourite entries were buried. These buried posts are ones that I’d like to more easily access for future projects; coincidentally, they come the closest to DIY tutorials (but are more like “creative tag-a-longs” where I share the process of learning something new or trying a crafty experiment like yarn-recycling). To keep these posts visible, I gave them a visual and positioned them in the sidebar.

Finally, there’s a new page on the menu bar: Books I Love. Looking back on last year’s content, I was struck by how often I wrote about books. Compiling an ongoing list of my favourite craft-related reads seemed like the next logical step. I should note that book links — on the “Books I Love” page and in blog posts — are Amazon-affiliated. This means that the links will bring you to an Amazon book info page. Any purchases made through an Amazon-affiliated link on this site will send handmadehabit.com a little extra change (to help keep the crafting going, of course!).

Ok. Back to the fun stuff.

What have you been working on this week?



Please excuse our appearance

Excuse our appearance

Every so often, that energy hits you.

It’s the same source of energy that will see me re-configuring the living room furniture and cleaning up all those under-the-sofa dust bunnies after 3 years of being completely content and okay with its first arrangement. It’s the energy that can compel me, in an uncharacteristically confident bout of resolve, to weed through my closet and separate the wearables from the hanger-holders — those difficult-to-face clothes that require me to admit that not only have my tastes changed, but my body has (and is) as well. Continue reading “Please excuse our appearance”

Versatile Bloggers

Hello! I hope you’ve had a beautiful week.

My post this week is a big Thank You to Tierney at tierneycreates.com. She recently nominated me, among other bloggers, for a Versatile Blogger Award (Thank you, Tierney, for the honour and the share!).

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Tierney Creates is one of my favourite blogs. There, you’ll find not only Tierney’s ongoing quilting projects and creative/design musings – showcasing her incredible skills and her prolific quilting – but also great recipes, beautiful pictures of her adventures & travels, tales of bookstore jaunts, and thoughtful discussions of lots of great reads. And more! (I am barely scratching the surface). As a library-lover, I always come away with new reading ideas from her blog; as a crafter, I’m inspired by Tierney’s beautiful creative work and her enthusiasm for her process and materials. Tierney Creates is a celebration of the creative life.

Linked to Tierney Creates is a wonderful companion blog, Schnauzer Snips, which offers more quilting goodness and a slice of life from the schnauzer point of view! If it’s not already obvious from my gushing, I think her blogs are real gems – do check them out!


The Versatile Blogger Award info page on WordPress suggests that the VBA’s purpose is to “Honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life.”

Here are the folks that bring that ineffable “something special” in the way they inspire me to blog (and live) better. In different ways, these bloggers expand my understanding of what it means to make things and cultivate happiness through creativity; share knowledge (wisdom!) that comes from their own process and experience; inspire me to be brave and experiment through their own example; tell great stories in unique voices; and create a space to reflect on the extraordinary in the everyday. That’s versatility. A good blog is a gift and a generosity.

I could go into greater length about the specific things that I enjoy about these individual blogs (I thought of doing a separate post on that) but, I think, in the end, the joy of following a good blog is getting to discover the pleasure of it yourself. 🙂 This one’s for you, bloggers!

The Crafty Crusader – A panoply of (sometimes) lovingly handmade crud

The Crafty Little Fox

CrawCrafts Beasties

Devise. Create. Concoct. – Finding frugal ways to live more with less

Forgiving Connects – A safe place to share your stories

Handmade Homemade Knit Stitch Design – Knitting. Sewing. Crafting.

Imperial Crochet – Blogging about everything crochet

Knit Potion

Knits By Whit

Knitting the Stash! Farm->Fleece->Fiber

Little Golden Notebook

Lucid Days – Living life awake

Nothing but Knit

Ready to Knit

Rock Vandals – Guerilla art & street craft

Weird Weekends

The Yarn Blabber – Blabbing away about yarn, knitting, crochet, and crafting

If you feel inclined, nominees, you can nominate your favourite blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award (rules below), though there is no pressure to do so from me. Either way, know that you have a reader who enjoys your unique contribution to blog-land. 🙂

Some facts

In addition to nominating my favourite blogs, I think I’m supposed to include some facts about myself? So, in no particular order:

1. I used to cut and colour hair for my mother and friends in high school, and dreamed of opening up my own salon. I gave some haircuts to friends in recent years, and still really love it.

2. My first ever Hallowe’en out, I went as a hippie. It was 1991.

3. There are no other knitters in my immediate family. I started knitting after something like a waking fever dream. I was 16 and I remember suddenly wanting to make winter things like hats and mittens very badly. It was the middle of summer, and I walked 5 miles alone to get the things I needed (between the trip to the library craft-section and the big-box White Rose craft store where I purchased my first aluminum needles and a skein of rainbow-coloured variegated acrylic). I still don’t quite understand it, but there’s my knitter’s origin story.

If you wish to pass on the Versatile Blogger Award
 Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
 Nominate the bloggers of your choice.
 Link the nominees in your post / inform them about their nomination.
 Share some facts about yourself.