Little Paper Sheep

I hope your week is going well and is feeling springlike and full of new energies. ūüôā

Nothing too big to report on my end this day, except that I had a hankering to make some little paper sheep Рa combo of watercolour paper and Black Magic india ink (I love that stuff). Since teensy sheep call for teensy scissors,  I was aided by a quite portable pair of Swiss Army scissors. The little ones that, very much like these sheep, you can put in your pocket.

I’m not yet sure what to do with these sheep or where they’ll find their home; for the time being, I’m letting them explore their new environment on their quite wonky paper feet.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

paper sheeppaper sheep 2paper sheep 3

Paper P

Some time ago, I made this paper P gift card for two dear friends who were welcoming their new daughter, Peregrine, to the world (congratulations, Arthur and Isabelle!). At that time, I had just discovered the joy of mixing paper-cutting with another longstanding love: typography.

I love a good font. I also love the way paper-cut letters seem to go back and forth between 2-D flatness and their slight 3-dimensions, casting a good shadow.

Paper p 1

Paper p 2

Paper heart

One of the great things about living in Hyde Park is having easy access to a beautiful lakefront in summer.

Early dusk is my favorite time of day to go running there.  Plodding slowly along the gravel side-trail, I watch the rippling, glassy water and my heart hovers over Lake Michigan like a pulsing paper-cut cloud.
paper heart

Paper cuts

It has been an unbelievably long stretch of blog-less time between now and my last post. ¬†I still love you, WordPress. ¬†I’ve revisited paper-cutting. ¬†More cuts to come soon. ¬†Here’s the most recent one.

Silhouette 1