How are you? How the time (another 2 weeks) has passed.

With summer just around the corner, I thought I’d bring out the brightest colours in the pencil box.

I notice, on my walks, that on overcast days, the grass and the garden beds take on a luminous glow. It’s as if the muted light of a grey sky allows for the gardens to deepen their hues. On these greyer days, the colours seem to call out to my visual field (or maybe my eye goes looking for them instinctively). They take on a new saturation that feels unusual and familiar at the same time (were the colours always this glowing?). Maybe this is one of the consolations of the grey day — the recession of light allows for colours to reveal a new kind of splendour.

Until next time, wishing you warmth and sunshine.

10 thoughts on “Summer

  1. The smell of Spring right now in Toronto is intoxicating! The sweet smell of lilacs makes me stop and breathe in with delight, no matter what kind of mood I’m in. Your picture depicts that feeling. ❤

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  2. Not much sun here, or for that matter warmth – but that’s expected as in the Southern Hemisphere this is “winter” – love our bright and sunny flowers, thanks for sharing.

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