Happy Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is upon us! This is the year of the Ox — a symbol in the lunar calendar associated with strength, diligence, hard work, and reliability (no plow skills needed). Oxen energies are expressed each time we plan a course of action; apply consistent effort, whatever our pace; and evince a little bit of “stubbornness” (let us say, perseverance) in adhering to a vision or idea. This is, in other words, the year for planting our feet on long-harbored dreams and making them come into fruition — the year that expended elbow grease will be likely to pay off (one hopes!). As per the lunar zodiac, this year also appears to favour restoration, replenishment, and recovery in their various senses, but will also be a time to carry the responsibilities that accompany the rewards. I like to treat the zodiac not as a firm set of predictions, but as an open-ended starting point for orienting action and energy (I read the I Ching in a similar way).

So. In that spirit, I wish you Oxen energies as you continue, this year, to bring into being the things in your heart!

Ok. Art-wise, my heart has been a flowery place. I recently did a simple still life drawing. More imagined flowers, in pencils, drawn in January. I see them as clowny and happy and pretty.

I treated myself to a new set of pencils in January, and I enjoy them: the scratchy texture isn’t 100% coverage on the page, but penciled space holds movement and line in a way that makes me feel like I show up in the picture. And in comparison to the fluidity and flow of paint, pencils require a little bit of elbow grease — a little push, from the inside out, to make things happen. I recently finished another picture that involved penciling the surface of an 11 x 14″ page — and I did feel like a little ox, bearing the colours across the paper, slowly over several days, until the whole thing was covered. Pencils, simply, are good for my soul.

Ok. Wishing you the creative mirth of flowers, and auspicious beginnings! πŸ‚ 🌸

9 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year

  1. Happy Lunar New Year, Shirley! Your year of the ox certainly seems to be off to a great start – I love your festive bunch of flowers. The red matches the colour of the new year decorations we usually see up around Dublin at this time, too! Here’s wishing you a satisfying year of work that pays off 😊

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    1. Thanks, Helen. Likewise – wishing you a year of good work and play, Γ  la Ox. Our Lunar year celebrations were quieter than usual here, as well. We had some moon-shaped dumplings in a… uh,,, celebratory soup? πŸ₯ŸπŸ₯Ÿ Hope you’re having a good day!


    1. Thanks, Mariss, for the beautiful greeting! When I think of oxen energies, I think of quilters and their meticulousness and patience. Perhaps Year of the Quilter should be added to the calendar! πŸ™‚

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