Crochet cushions

Since last year, I have been working on a crochet side project: granny square cushions. šŸ™‚ Using square pillows (either worn down cushions that could use upcycling, or brand new cushion inserts), I’ve been nursing a small and hopefully growing cushion family in our apartment.

These are a delight to make, and they’re quick to do. The smaller ones work up in a night, with the help of Netflix or a podcast. And because I’m still a crochet beginner, they are incredibly simple: 2 identically sized granny squares, fit to a cushion and seamed up along the sides.

I am not a huge fan of the white insert peeking through the stitches, but until I drastically decrease my hook + yarn size, find a darker insert, or sew a separate cover, they’ll do. I enjoy making these not only because they’re endlessly customizable (my new impulse: cover all the square things in crochet!), but also because they’re a great way to practice working with colour in another medium, alongside my paints and pencils. Colour-wise, there are the individual transitions to consider from one row to the next, the full square’s effect, and then the combination of the two seamed together. Working on these is pure play: Side 1 of the cushion is often experimental and helps me find colour combinations I really like for Side 2. I always wind up with a favourite side, and it is all very intuitive. Did I mention that these are a great stash buster?

Instead of just showing you the sides, I happened to stumble on a fun way to give those stitches and colours some life: by turning them into a GIF, of course.

They almost resemble flashing lights (and imagine if traffic lights and signs flashed in crochet stitches!).

Until next time, friends. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Stay crafty!

11 thoughts on “Crochet cushions

  1. Ok, I have to admit to being a little mesmerised by the gif there at the end šŸ˜† I can see how you’d get hooked (ha!) on making these – the endless colour combinations, the satisfaction of using up odds and ends of yarn, and a beautiful cosy pillow to snuggle up with when you’re done.
    As for covering up the cushion pad – would it be overkill to make a simple cotton cover to go under the crochet? They’re fairly easy to put together, and you could repurpose old pillowcases or even t-shirts to make them…

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    1. Thanks for the helpful tip, Helen! I don’t think it would be overkill at all to get another cover. And it would be worth the effort, I think, to get an FO I can really be happy with. Ooh, and the T-shirt idea is clever (we have *so many* of those to repurpose!). Thanks for the pro tip, and for getting a crochet pun in the mix (it will never get old, because getting ‘hooked’ will always be the best word for what happens to crocheters). šŸ˜‚


  2. I love the GIF – I’ll have to learn how to do it! I really like Granny cushions – yours are lovely. I know what you mean about the white showing through – last time I crocheted a cushion cover it was circular and I actually made the cushion insert with a non-white fabric for that reason. I hope your ‘family’ grows – you can never have enough cushions!

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    1. Thanks, Tina. šŸ™‚ The GIF was made on GIPHY with still photos. And yes, I didn’t expect that with the insert. Thank you for the tip on using another colour fabric. I think I’ll have to do that on the next round of cushions — and you’re right, there can never be too many. Cheers!


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