A studio of one’s own

Welcome 2021! I hope this finds you well. πŸ™‚

I wanted my first post of the year to set the stage for good things to come, and also illustrate a little of what I’ve been up to these days. I returned to painting, December; I was missing the way that painting allows you to flood a space, however tiny, with fields of colour and create little dwelling places for the eye, especially during these colour-starved winter months.

I was looking at Matisse’s The Red Studio, and enjoying the way his paintings create spaces and interiors. With all of the time spent at home, this past year has made me think about indoor space — and how changing the way I use a familiar room can help to create a shift, however subtle, that brings a sense of much-needed newness with it. So, I drafted a “studio” scene of my own: in it, it is 4:30 pm, the light is yielding to dusk, moonlight, and Chicago flurries. I’ve queued up a playlist, plugged in the speakers, and it’s the painting hour. My dining room is doubling as the studio at the moment — a unusual space to scatter brushes and paint tubes and things, but something about picture-making and cooking in the same room feels like a truthful reflection on the things that sustain. Also, proximity to tea helps.

A relative who saw this picture early on said: “It is a happy picture painted with love.” I hope to continue 2021 in that spirit.

Completing this picture also led me to generate an artist prompt for the days when the muse needs a hand. Maybe it will come in handy in the future?

Artist Prompt:

Create a picture of happiness. Put yourself inside.

Until next time.

12 thoughts on “A studio of one’s own

  1. It made me think about my hobby space – which has been taken over by my husband as an actual workspace since the pandemic. I miss my room with it’s bright walls, bunting, noticeboard with lovely things and inspiration hanging from it! Unfortunately I let it go as his work brings in the pennies and I can play elsewhere in the house – just nowhere quite the same as ‘my’ space and only ‘my’ space now I share with the rest of the family.

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      1. My hobby space isn’t so self contained now – I seem to have stuff all over the house – and a husband who is eternally patient (mostly) with the lack of clear surfaces. As long as I can clear space on the dining table he seems ok !

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