Flower Garlands

Earlier this Spring, I had the idea of decorating our reception venue with lots of handmade flowers. I had originally wanted to make big flowers to festoon the doors and windows. Like an excessive number of huuuuge flowers, or a crochet-flower photo backdrop. I even bought a 25 mm crochet hook and mega-bulky yarn to make this floral dream come true.

Big crochet.

The big flowers weren’t a success: they came out too floppy to hang. Also, I never got comfortable working with that huge hook (and the levels of wrist and arm torque it calls for!).

I went back to my worsted weight yarn and chose 2 floral patterns. For a month or so, my hooks seldom left my side. Train rides, car rides, waiting rooms, and the post dinner lull — it all became prime crochet time. Each flower was done in 20 minutes or so, and the crochet patterns became second nature, which surprised me. I always used to marvel at how crocheters could memorize their complex patterns. It was all a mess of loops, to me, before I started the craft myself. I like to think back to a story my mother would tell of my legendary crocheting great-aunt who could make a peacock-patterned curtain panel over afternoon TV. She was an inveterate cigar-smoker and, as the story goes, could smoke, watch and crochet simultaneously (she smoked out of the side of her mouth, and rarely looked down at the work). I wish I had her levels of multi-tasking ability!

Perhaps more than any other project, this one taught me the motivating power of working on small, quickly finished things in succession: after one flower is done, the mind says “again,” and the works seems to complete itself.

I strung all the little flowers onto 6 garlands, and added some quickly made tassels to the mix. I was happy with how they came out. After the party, the garlands sat in a box for a month, getting their petals bent out of shape. I felt sorry for this. So, I recently took them out and gave them their very own wall. They are keeping our space festive.

Has anyone had success with the huge 50 US/25.00 mm crochet hook? Or making decor or garments with mega bulky yarn? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Happy mid-September Saturday!

18 thoughts on “Flower Garlands

  1. What a wonderful way to display your beautiful work! Having handmade things around me brings me joy in so many different ways. When my eye falls on a handmade pillow or I pull a handknit throw over my legs when I sit down to relax, there is something so grounding and good about it. It’s almost like it adds an extra dimension of well being to things. I can absolutely see how having your garlands around you will keep things festive and remind you of a special time when one flower at a time you made your way into your new life of two. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Melinda! I very much share your feeling that handmade things are grounding and comforting in their own unique way – there’s definitely a special energy in those objects! Your comment is inspiring me to create more handmade well-being in my home. Yours sounds so lovely – we all need that special throw and pillow to relax with! 🙂

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  2. Aha! Now I see why blogging took a back seat these past few months… These are so beautiful and delicate, and I’m sure making them became an absorbing and enjoyable daily ritual for you as you prepared for your wedding. Also, how much better they are out on your wall, rather than hidden away in a box! Handmade things really do make a home cosier 😊
    And on the subject of oversized craft – yes, I’ve had my flings with knitting on giant needles in the past! It’s satisfying in a way, because things work up so much more quickly, but manipulating those giant needles is a completely different skill to “regular size” knitting!

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    1. Thank you, Helen. I have never worked on something ‘big’ and site-based like this, but I knew that I had to yarn-bomb the locale somehow, even in this more delicate way. Now I can’t see windows and poles and such without wanting to string flower garlands on them. 😁 And yes, it has cosified the room that it’s now in very nicely.

      I actually bought size *50* needles (they are circulars of all things) and have yet to learn how to actually use them. I agree that it’s a completely different skill – less digit dexterity and a lot more wrist and forearm involvement (which is apt to get tiring after a little while!). Thanks for stopping by. 😊


      1. Oooh, size 50?! I had to look that up – that’s 25mm to us over here! I actually have a set of my mum’s from the 70s that are a similar size, and as a teenager I used them with multiple strands of aran/chunky yarn to make long lacy scarves! Heck, I might dig them out and do that again!

        Be sure to post up any pics of you ever get around to yarnbombing your neighbourhood with pretty flowers, too! 😄

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      2. That sounds like a really amazing set of scarves (and the best part is how quickly they must have knit up!). Come to think of it, the chilly weather has just started to move in over here, and I may hazard a long quick-knit scarf myself. Thanks for the great idea!


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