Crochet: hints from Spring


Pardon my involuntary blogging hiatus. I sustained a neck injury earlier this month that saw me take a trip to the ER, followed by a ‘minimal screens’ and ‘minimal crafting’ regimen for a while (as a craft blogger, understand that this was not easily done). Things are better now, and I am slowly and gingerly healing up and getting back into the swing of things (thank you, pain meds).

After a truly magnificent blizzard swept through the city two Sundays ago, Chicago, it’s safe to say, has finally settled into its proper Spring-time weather: the sky turns that optimistic and clarifying shade of blue again, the sun is back, and so are those little mottle-feathered birds that perch in the bushes and on the eavestrough and fill the mornings with chirpy musings.

The hands have been busy — with extra vigilance of the neck’s temporary limitations. As they say, absence make the heart grow fonder — not being able to craft for a while only renewed my craft-itchiness, and when the time was right, I got back into my hooks! I’m taking a hint from spring in my making: all hearts and flowers and silver linings. Very much wishing you the same!

17 thoughts on “Crochet: hints from Spring

  1. Sorry to hear about your injury, hope you feel much better now and take the needed time to recuperate. It’s really when you can no longer do the things you love that you realize how much you love them. Your small crochet pieces look lovely!
    Take care, sweet Shirley, and hope spring will come soon in the windy city.

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    1. Thanks, AgnΓ¨s. That’s very true – I was a little lost without the ability to use the needles and hooks and yarn as usual, and appreciate the activity so much more, now. You, too – take care! I hope that Spring is in full bloom in your corner of France!


  2. Seriously sweet little crochet pieces! Sorry to read about your neck injury! Hope you recover quickly. Wonderful to hear from you in the blogosphere – it brightens whenever you post πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you, Helen! I’m happy to say that the neck is back in service for the fiber crafts! And now to address the backlog of unread/unwritten posts… πŸ˜† Happy Weekend!


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