A surprise sloth

…that’s me! The sloth below is the one that seems to pop up out of nowhere, as if to say “I’m still here!”

sloth .jpg

I’ve been incredibly slothful this month and last with updating this blog. September was a challenging, busy, but also very enjoyable month, and when I returned back to the US at the start of October, I jumped right back into work, clean-up, and playing catch-up with all the bills. Oh, and work on the longstanding writing project (the thesis).

I’m sad to say that I haven’t yet mastered the art of keeping the writing and the drawing on the burner at the same time — when writing is on the agenda, I tend to limit the drawing so as to give the writer in me lots of space and rest, and hopefully keep the words coming for the next day. I’ve found that drawing + painting tend to have a powerful momentum of their own — an almost monopolizing and consuming kind that will keep me up late into the night because a bright green parakeetΒ mustΒ be made. Now. Sleep and clock-time are unheard of. Of course, this kind of late-night work process upsets the writer in me, who values more predictability in routine and, above all, sleep — the only time when ideas can, of their own accord, coalesce, take new shape in dreams, and ready themselves for the page the next morning. As I continue to hone different skills, I hope that the artist and the writer can learn to live in more peaceful and mutually supportive coexistence!

I drew this sloth a while ago because I’m 100% certain that sloths are my closest animal kin (in spirit, and maybe a little in likeness!). Like my furry and clawed counterparts, slowness is my super-power and secret to survival. If ever you watch a sloth ambulate, you’ll notice their slow deliberation (and maybe the odd bit of algae that’s begun to thrive on their fur). It’s really quite amazing. There are all kinds of costs of doing things slowly, of course, but I like the equanimity of keeping things at a manageable pace when possible; this is something that art, knitting, and writing are helping me to cultivate.

I hope to have more things to report in the coming weeks as I slowwwly catch up with all things WordPress. In the meantime….a baby sloth yawning! (if this doesn’t instantly turn your innards to goo, then I don’t know what to say).

Until next time. I hope October finds you well.

PS: Coming soon, a bright green parakeet!


24 thoughts on “A surprise sloth

  1. You can’t do it all, and your writing is important. Don’t worry, we’ll be here waiting for you.
    I haven’t been very busy on the blog either, October is a slow month for me for many reasons. Thanks for sharing your sloth and this cute baby yawn. Take care Shirley.

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  2. I love the sloth – you have so many talents! I totally understand when the creative moment happens are you are consumed. I wondering if I am sacrificing my creative time by pushing myself to blog every day for 31 days. Looking forward to the parakeet. Okay I have to go watch the baby sloth video again πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, Tierney – the slower I get, the more I seek out like-minded species, ha! I think the daily post this month is a great practice and discipline, and I applaud you for sticking to it. Only a few more days, and you’ll have completed the challenge!!

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      1. Oh my goodness you are up late – ha! You must be creating! It has been and I had a routine and then it fell apart (I was writing my posts the night before and setting them to post at 6:00 am). Okay just one more viewing of the baby sloth before I go to bed πŸ™‚

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      2. Haha, no creating today. The beloved BF is sick and it’s been a long day, so am treating myself to some WP time. πŸ™‚ That’s a good idea, and it never hurts to make things flexible, too!

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  3. So glad to see you here! I love that you are looking at how to create the habits and space for two parts of you to coexist. That’s self=honoring and beautiful. Blessings to you! And your drawing is great, so cute and welcoming. ☺️Debbie

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