Paper Butterfly

Fall-like weather is gingerly making its way to Toronto, and with that the monarch butterflies are starting their southern migration. It’s common to see little butterfly friend-groups flitting just above city traffic – playful and hovering and disappearing into the still-green boughs of trees. Is there anything more bittersweet than this flying away?

Here is a butterfly I can hold in my hand – in cardboard and coloured pencil.

Any signs of the changing seasons in your neck of the woods?


15 thoughts on “Paper Butterfly

  1. Sweet little butterfly! Yes in Central Oregon the temperature has dipped and the maple tree in my front yard is starting to turn red. I love Fall so much – I could not wait and started making fall soups such as an Acorn Squash Kale stew. 🙂

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  2. What a pretty découpage! Yes, fall is slowly coming here too. The days are still pretty and warm, nut the morning air is cool and the leaves are turning yellow. I love this time of the year, the light that the crisp air brings.

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  3. Here in Virginia you can tell it’s fall when you have to prepare for hurricanes. So yes, it’s fall here … but there’s still a lot of butterflies and birds and mother nature is not quite ready to give up on summer.

    Your little butterfly is just precious!

    Many greetings from Virginia, ivonne

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  4. Oooh, pretty! We’re pretty much done with butterflies for the year on this side of the pond, but I’m enjoying cooler days and the first fallen leaves. Oh, and finding conkers (horse chestnuts) in the park! Enjoy the autumn, Shirley! 😀

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  5. Thanks, Helen! Fallen leaves already – Autumn’s not waiting, is it! I’m liking the respite from the sweltery temperatures – and the coolness is a reminder of the necessity of knitting. 🙂 (are they called conkers because they ‘conk’ ppl as they fall off their branches?). Likewise – enjoy the season!


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