A few new things

How are you, crafters and creatives?

Blog reno is going well and I think I’m done tinkering with it for this little while. I reined in my zeal to change everything, kept most things, and introduced a few little things.

In addition to having a new domain name, the site also has a new header (and a logo!). New photo for me, too (with a new project in tow).

blanket knitting circle.jpg

Sifting through a year’s worth of posts, I lamented the fact that some of my favourite entries were buried. These buried posts are ones that I’d like to more easily access for future projects; coincidentally, they come the closest to DIY tutorials (but are more like “creative tag-a-longs” where I share the process of learning something new or trying a crafty experiment like yarn-recycling). To keep these posts visible, I gave them a visual and positioned them in the sidebar.

Finally, there’s a new page on the menu bar: Books I Love. Looking back on last year’s content, I was struck by how often I wrote about books. Compiling an ongoing list of my favourite craft-related reads seemed like the next logical step. I should note that book links — on the “Books I Love” page and in blog posts — are Amazon-affiliated. This means that the links will bring you to an Amazon book info page. Any purchases made through an Amazon-affiliated link on this site will send handmadehabit.com a little extra change (to help keep the crafting going, of course!).

Ok. Back to the fun stuff.

What have you been working on this week?



22 thoughts on “A few new things

  1. Hi there Shirley! It is always a treat to see a new post from you. I love the blog makeover (the previous version was great too) and I appreciated checking out the “Books I Love” link! I might steal that idea someday! Yes one of my favorite post series of your was the recycled yarn sweater – I never saw anything like that done before and it gave me “eco” happiness to see that!

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    1. Aw, thanks, Tierney! It has been so much fun to get a window into your reading through your regular Library Stack series, so I thought I’d better start trying to actually remember all the books I’ve been borrowing and reading, too. There is so much out there (in a good way!). Hm, I may just have to find some Kaffe Fassett books to look at!

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  2. I checked out the new look this morning and love it! Clean and beautiful as always, with such a sweet logo! I also especially like the lovely light in your new profile pic…. looking forward to learning what that is you’re working on. And the books page – what a great idea! Your jump start on spring cleaning was an all-round success, I’d say.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback, Weekes! 🙂 And glad you like the logo and the books page. The changes were less drastic than my initial mood anticipated, haha. I suppose I’ll eventually catch up with myself some other time! I’m glad you think they work! Cheers. 🙂

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  3. Looking good, Shirley! I had noticed your new avatar, and I’ve just popped in to have a nosey around your refreshed site… I especially like the idea of a “Books I Love” section, since I’ve been hitting the library so much recently 😀 The new logo and domain name are a great idea too… Hopefully it’ll help more people to find your excellent blog! Nice work!

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    1. Thanks so much for reading, Helen, and your kind words. I’m glad you like the section, and happy to hear that you’ve been library-going more often. Sounds quite fun! (being where the craft books are, libraries are my 2nd (and 3rd and 4th) home). 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


      1. Same to you, Shirley! And oh wow, the library rocked my world when I heard about a book on the radio and I was able to look it up in their website and request it immediately from another branch in County Meath! So much more satisfying than shopping! 😊

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  4. Congratulations on the new blog format, and the new pages! It’s funny that just as I was thinking of starting a new Library category on my blog, you create your Books I love page – great minds think alike 😉
    You are making me think harder on the affiliation possibilities – getting a few cents here and there would definitely help support the blog, if nothing else. Hoping this works out for you, and always looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

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    1. Thanks, Agnès for your kind words! Yes, the affiliate-links might be worth a try, especially if books come up a lot in posts and such (and yes, it’s literally in the cents, lol). And great minds do think alike – I always enjoy these little coincidences (and would be very keen to see what books you enjoy as well!). Also, I noticed your new picture! I love it! It’s so very adorable. 🙂

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  5. Oh Shirley, I love the new look! Your visuals on the side are really great – what an appealing way to highlight your favorite posts. And your photo is beautiful. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week. Great post.

    ps – I’m working on piano! Does that count as a creative project? I think so, right? My next lesson is tomorrow.


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