Winding down: Recycled yarn, Part II

In early April, I posted a DIY tutorial on how I harvested the yarn from a recycled thrift-store sweater.

I’ve since hand-washed and dried the yarn, adding some weight during drying to take out the curls. Unfortunately, my strategy didn’t work as well as I thought it would. Once dried, the used yarn was still curling from its previous knit (though you’ll notice the waves are a little looser than before). I think this ‘yarn memory’ is due to several reasons, but the main one, I suspect, is a high synthetic content. It may not be the 100% wool I thought it was!

presweater b4 after.jpg
Recycled yarn before washing (left) and after (right)

Anyhow, wanting to get on with things, I decided to go ahead and ball this curly yarn. For lack of a proper winder, I made the balls by hand using a toilet paper roll (!) removed when the winding was done. This was time-consuming, but was in line with my love of recycling. Hand-winding, it turns out, is also relaxing in its own way. The result was a neat, center-pull ball. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let those speak for themselves.

presweater composite

Stay tuned to find out just what I have been doing with this recycled yarn. 🙂

Happy Winding!

22 thoughts on “Winding down: Recycled yarn, Part II

  1. I just love this! How awesome to recycle yarn! I actually came across an Etsy shop which sells recycled yarn, the seller must have a fast way to harvest it or it seems like a rough way to make a living – ha! (but very eco/green).

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  2. It looks like it could be some species of acrylic blend because when you wound the yarn into a ball it lost the curls. This is awesome stuff right here. Also, it’s good for the environment. Nice job! And thanks for teaching me a thing or two about repurposing yarn from a sweater.

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    1. Yes, there is. Part of the fun is to see if I can wind something near-sphere enough to pass for a proper ball. Until I can invest in a proper winder, I’ll stick to this method. 😛 Happy weekend, Helen. 🙂

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      1. You can… But only if you don’t mind it not unwinding from the centre! It might be time to start dropping some hints for that ball winder! 😉 Happy weekend right back at you, Shirley 😀

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  3. This is genius! I never would have thought to use a paper roll that way. I usually just wind the yarn into a ball by hand but that doesn’t give me a pull from the middle. I will be doing it your way from now on!

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