Rainy day reading

Today is one of those rainy, overcast Chicago Saturdays – the kind that makes the pavement wetly audible and keeps you inside with tea, a top bun, and time for quiet reading. It’s the kind of low-lit, indoor day where I’d rather listen to Petula Clark’s “Downtown” and dream about the city than go there myself.

Anyhow, just a doodle and a song to share today. Wishing you many good times with many good books!

reader sketch.jpg


20 thoughts on “Rainy day reading

  1. How did I not know you lived in Chicago????? We moved to Tennessee from Chicago four years ago. We must meet the next time I visit! 🙂

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  2. Always make time for sitting and reading and just thinking! You prompted a memory for me – we used to go to a nightclub most Saturday nights. It was called Downtown Saturdays – ‘Saturday’s to those in the know (he he!) and when the lights went up at 2am for everyone to go home they would play that song !

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    1. What an interesting memory and place. ‘Saturdays’ sounds like the place to be! 🙂 And it sounds like the club goers left Saturdays on a cheerful note (until the next time). Thanks for sharing that memory!


  3. Ooh I played that LOUD. I love it! You are so right, it is definitely a song for a grey day. London is the same today. Bleah! Funny, reading the comments, Chicago is the only part of the US where I have any family…

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  4. Handmade Habit, Saturdays was THE place to go in the last 1980’s, ha ha, memories of dancing round handbags now! The only bad thing was if you’d been smooching to the last but one song, nnd the lights went up at 2am, ‘Downtown’ came on and you looked at your partner and thought ‘yuk, what was I thinking?!’

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    1. hahaha! That’s wild! – the handbags, the smooching, the lights, all of it! I would not have imagined that “Downtown” could be the soundtrack for that rude awakening! (p.s.: I do get nostalgic for the hair and music of the 80s). 🙂


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