Little Paper Sheep

I hope your week is going well and is feeling springlike and full of new energies. 🙂

Nothing too big to report on my end this day, except that I had a hankering to make some little paper sheep – a combo of watercolour paper and Black Magic india ink (I love that stuff). Since teensy sheep call for teensy scissors,  I was aided by a quite portable pair of Swiss Army scissors. The little ones that, very much like these sheep, you can put in your pocket.

I’m not yet sure what to do with these sheep or where they’ll find their home; for the time being, I’m letting them explore their new environment on their quite wonky paper feet.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

paper sheeppaper sheep 2paper sheep 3

23 thoughts on “Little Paper Sheep

  1. Yes – I think that’s where these little ones are headed. 🙂 While making them, I kept wishing I had a sheep lever punch and was remembering all the beautiful cards you’ve made (and all the cool paper craft equipment you have!).


  2. Oh, these are so sweet! The watercolour really does make for a great fleecy texture, too. And HOW USEFUL are Swiss Army knife scissors? I use mine for all my close work, there’s really nothing better! As for your sheep, how about putting a whole flock of them on a ribbon or cord and decorating your knitting room/area with them? A couple on a piece of card would make a great bookmark too…

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    1. Thanks, Helen! Yes, Swiss Army knife scissors are perfect for tiny little shapes and corners, aren’t they? Happy to read you use them as well. Super ideas – I hadn’t thought of a ribbon-flock! What a creative and delightful way to style paper sheep! I may have to try that, thank you!! 😀

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  3. Aww I love this! And I’m glad that you’re letting them explore where to live. The choice of home is good to come from the heart 🙂 🙂 🙂 Great post.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Good to connect ~Debbie

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