Super Easy Crib blanket

I hope you are having a splendid week, and are finding some restful down-time.

Last year, I completed my first ‘big’ knit for a friend who is expecting a baby girl this year – the Super Easy Crib Blanket by the folks at Purl Soho. I simply adored these blankets the moment I saw them – so many whimsical and fun colour combos. I decided to try my hand at colour-coordinating and knitting one myself. I can think of nothing nicer than being wrapped up in something warm and bright on a cold winter day – Purl Soho’s creative intuition in designing this simple but lively nursery staple is spot on.

I wanted the crib/stroller blanket to measure around 30″ square. With some garter stitch swatching, I found that, using a 29″ size 11 (US) circular needle and a super bulky wool-blend, I could produce a blanket width of 30″ by casting on 72 stitches. Each of the 7 bands of colour is 4.5″ high, yielding a final length of 31.5″.

With these magic numbers, I took to my needles last October. I wanted to do a jazzy .GIF for you of the blanket growing larger with each stripe, but I lack the technical skills. 🙂 You can watch it grow below.

Early October 2016: starting out



On the home-stretch, with unwoven ends. Those last 3 bands are channeling my love of neapolitan ice cream. Sock monkey has been my cheerleader and knitting muse throughout.
Very last stitch cast off…

blanket 7.JPG

Blanket statements (a.k.a. Learnings)

1) It was interesting to discover that circular needles have non-circular uses. Not having to carry the weight of a large project on straight needles (letting the project lie in your lap) = an easier time on wrists and shoulders. I pretty much knit all things on circulars these days – they are incredibly portable.

2) Pattern-wise, this was a straightforward garter-stitch knit all the way through. Being loosed from a complicated pattern meant that I paid more attention to the qualities of the yarn. Yarn weight and composition aside, I found that different colours produce different knit-feel – white strangely felt the ‘softest’; pink activated my taste receptors (it reminded me of bubble gum and cotton candy); and the energizing red seemed to jet-propel my fingers right across the stitches. I can’t wait to make the next blanket and experiment with more colours.

Wishing you happy trails on your creative projects this week, big and small.




13 thoughts on “Super Easy Crib blanket

  1. such nice clean lines on the blanket. I love using circs for big projects–so much extra security 🙂 I used two of my Addi cords locked together for parts of the last blanket–just to hold all of the stitches. Beautiful work.

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    1. Thanks, Tierney. It was a nice surprise to discover the yummy-ness of the yarn. And yes, it definitely helps to have a little cheerleader from time to time. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!


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