Knitty Kitty

If you have poked around this blog, you’ll notice that I love to draw and invent characters – whether for comics, cartoons, doodles, portraits, etc. I realized that I could connect this aspect of drawing with my knitting by making toys! When I came across a simple but cute pattern for a “Sleepy Kitten” in DK’s Baby Knits Made Easy (2013) a while ago, I knew I had to give it a go.

The pattern calls for the kitten to be knit on Size 3 needles, its back and front worked flat and seamed together. Since this was not a garment, I took the gauge guidelines lightly and went ahead and used bigger needles which gave me a much larger kitten than I expected. You’ll see that my embroidering skills need some work – where the original pattern looks more ‘adorable calm,’ I seemed to have channeled ‘surly sleeper.’ Perhaps this is the character my hands had in mind. 🙂


Doubled-up embroidery floss. I think I’ll use yarn next time.

Given the kitten’s surliness, I thought this kitty would benefit from something cozy. I decided to add my own flourish to the pattern: a hand woven red blanket-scarf, the second project ever made on my DIY frame loom.

A first experiment in weaving using identical fibers for warp and weft.
A variegated craft yarn, found in the beau’s bag-of-miscellaneous-craft-supplies. Surprisingly self-striping.


I look forward to making more kittens for the big and little sleepers who may need some sleep inspiration.

Enjoy your Thursday, and sweet dreams to you.   Zzzzzzz…


15 thoughts on “Knitty Kitty

  1. He has a bag-of-miscellaneous-craft-supplies? I am not surprised. Did you know that when I was about.. 9? 10? the room at the bottom of the stairs at Peggy’s was a “craft room”, set up with tables and tons and tons of craft supplies, including baby food jars with various colors of dyed, crushed egg shells. I thought it was amazing. I made a doll out of felt, but her head was wobbly.. no neck support.
    I love your surly kitty, probably because I have one of my own.
    I used to have a pen pal named Claire ( who made softies and gave each a backstory and personality. I think you’re on to something here. Kitty needs more friends..

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    1. Yes, he does! I attributed the bag to his elementary teaching days, but your fun story makes me think the craft supplies go way farther back. How cool that you made a felt doll in your Aunt Peggy’s craft room! So interesting to read about where the quilter extraordinaire got her beginnings. 🙂

      Those softies are just adorable, and so unique. Thanks for sharing, Jess! I hope to knit some pals for the kitty in the coming time. 🙂


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