Cast of Characters

While working on a watercolour and ink project a few months ago, I had the urge to make up a cast of characters by giving characteristics to watercolour paint blobs. I specifically remember wanting to create an exercise in following my whimsy.

I tape my ‘cast of characters’ sheet above my work desk, where I do most of my writing and reading. It makes me smile. I see different sides of myself peering back at me, and this silly crew reminds me of what can happen if I just follow my creative hunch without worrying about the outcome.

I have yet to give the characters names, going as far as numbers and a few traits for my favourites. Suggestions welcome. 🙂


No. 11: Contemplative, studious, dutiful, and book-loving (or is that a bag of popcorn?).
No. 2: A grandiloquent creature who would like to pour you a glass of sherry and extrapolate on its many legs.


No. 5: A close talker.
No. 8: Just happy to have been drawn. Waving back from the other side of the shore.

What kinds of personalities would you include in your own cast of characters?

10 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. I like your cast of characters! I was drawn to character #9. I think this character should be called “Self-Helpie” – Always taking himself by the hand to explore the next greatest self-help/self-improvement movement. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Tierney! I like your creative take on #9. I do enjoy a good self-help book (it’s usually the section of the bookstore/library I check when perusing), and I like your idea of a character who knows how to steer himself towards the info he needs. I never thought of that – love it!

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  2. Love love love this cast of characters! It is so funny that I’m reading this, because I’m working on just going with my creative expression – and celebrating the value of it. Your post lighted up my night. 🙂 🙂 Enjoy your week ahead, and thank you so much. Debbie

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    1. Thank you, Debbie, for visiting and commenting. That’s beautiful! I’m with you – I aspire to that, too (though some days are a challenge 😉 ). Keep making, and sharing, Debbie! Wishing you a peaceful week. ❤

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