Jens Lekman, live


A little musical post: Completely unbeknownst to me, the beau bought two tickets to Jens Lekman’s Chicago show (November 2nd at Lincoln Hall) knowing that 1) Jens Lekman is one of my much-loved singer-songwriters – he has a way of going from quirky to comic to transcendent and sublime, all in one go – and 2) that I was too swamped with work and such to consider getting the tickets myself. The last time I saw Jens Lekman live was 6 years ago, in Berlin – long enough for me to justify resigning myself, earlier this week, to missing the concert; the tickets came as a complete surprise. It was a much needed night out. Bless the beau.



The show included a moving opening set by Emmy the Great, audience sing- and tambourine-alongs, a marriage proposal made by Jens to a man in the front row (“but only for the citizenship”), and an old classic – “The Opposite of Hallelujah,” concluded with a tambourine benediction and some exquisite air xylophone which I tried to capture on film. Magic.


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