Once upon a picture day…

Dad portrait 1

…in a Hong Kong elementary school…

When I came to Switzerland, I took some photos of my parents with me.  This one is among my favourite photographs of my father—taken when he must have been roughly 13.  I imagine  him sitting for the picture under a reflective umbrella in a stuffy gymnasium full of excited and chatty children, all wearing their pressed 1960s school uniforms.  In the photograph, like in this pencil + ink portrait, he is looking slightly away and off to the side.  I imagine a goofy classmate standing in the picture-taking queue making silly faces, and I interpret this side-long glance as my father’s best attempt at holding a pokerface.  This photograph is also perhaps the first time (never to be repeated?) I have seen him wearing a skinny tie.

Just some reflections for  the back-to-school season.  Happy September, kids!

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