Comic – Sea Change

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First comics entry!

Titled, Sea Change, this comic was the last page of a series of video game comics started last year by myself and Andrew Nee–gamer extraordinaire and site owner of,—an online forum and scrolling love-letter dedicated to all things Nintendo.

Knowing very little about gaming, myself (and especially how to deliver a gamer-satisfying punchline), Andrew would create the rough storyboards that I would then draw out, with some editing.  We tentatively called the series The Cloud Chasers, and its release even included a kind of author statement about our comic, and its potential for clever reflection on virtual worlds (neat!).  While this comic is on hold due to time constraints and my leaving for my fieldwork, I’m hoping to revisit comics and keep at it.

You can view the rest of The Cloud Chasers comics (roughly 4 entries) here, on Negativeworld.  This collection is also a good example of what it looks like to learn how to draw  by making many mistakes.

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