Bearded Hero no. 2

Andy - Green - lighter

Another portrait of a certain bearded hero.  🙂  This one was done in the Summer of 2012 with my trusty #1 Winsor & Newton Water Colour Sable brush and a bottle of Dr. Ph Martin’s Green India Ink.  I drew this in Toronto, to the sound of Sandro Perri’s Impossible Spaces, an album that put me in the right frame of mind at the time to make pictures on a dining room table.

I’m learning to love ink, as unforgiving and indelible as it is.  Looking at coloured inks in their tiny glass bottles at the art store is, to me, a little mouthwatering.  I also like to ink to copious amounts of tea, and am waiting for the day when, in an absent-minded inking frenzy, I mistake my rinsing jar for the tea-cup.

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