Halo Halo

It’s time to get this drawing blog started! The point is to set aside a space where I can share my inky musings, document my work, continue to learn how to wield my tools, and get motivated to make pictures on a regular basis. This humble hovel and abode reflects my love and admiration of all things graphic–graphic novels, comics, illustration, medical book diagrams, little-kid dinosaur doodles found on the street, and so on.

To kick it off, I thought I’d post a picture of someone enjoying halo halo–that syrupy Philippine dessert consisting of a curious mix (“halo halo”) of ice cream, flan, crushed ice, jellies, and (yes) boiled beans. This strange and sweet concoction represents what I hope this blog might become.


When hanging out at the “Papeterie” section at the local Manor department store, I discovered that they sold aquarelleable pencils, or water-solvent pencil crayons.  Maybe I was a bit squeamish with the water, but this image is the result.

Halo Halo

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